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It’s a familiar challenge to any company: Increase volume while maintaining quality.

But it was a specific issue for Adare SEC.

The integrated communications firm delivers multichannel customer communication solutions across a range of print and digital sectors. But it needed to overcome a production hurdle ― amplifying volume without a drop in quality. The Xerox® Baltoro® HF Inkjet Press met the challenge and exceeded expectations, increasing capacity by 109%, delivering not just high-speed performance but exceptional value and brilliant color.

“We need a new tool in the toolbox,” said Steve Hickling, Production Director at Adare. “The solution is the Baltoro for us.”

Adare SEC production staff noticed the increased gamut and depth of color immediately. Baltoro’s direct-to-media imaging uses High Fusion Ink to bond to paper without any primers or precoats, enabling vibrant color, dramatic resolution and all-around brilliant results on a range of media.

Receta de Adare: Prensa de iny. de tinta Xerox Baltoro HF YouTube Vídeo

Baltoro also offers a solid alternative to toner devices that companies like Adare SEC are looking for, using less ink and creating less waste. Because it can do more with less, the business achieved a high-level of consolidation across their fleet, combining 4 devices across 2 sites. Upon installation they were able to produce more exciting and secure documents for their clients while reducing annual costs by $327,000.

Working with Xerox for support, training and servicing made bringing the new inkjet technology onboard seamless, productive and profitable. Adare SEC was able to expand their client marketing thanks to the advanced functionality and scalability, and is better able to address more demanding graphic arts needs and brand-sensitive applications.

“It’s providing fantastic output, fantastic support and service, combined with the benefits of a reciprocal relationship with Xerox,” said Tom Prestwich, Chief Operation Officer at Adare. “I think we’ve got a fantastic recipe for success.”

Featured Technology

Impresora de inyección de tinta Xerox® Baltoro® HF Inkonomics amplified means more print, more profit and more savings.

Workflow Software Xerox production print workflow software can expand your reach, streamline processes and reduce costs.

Digital Printing Applications Tap into new markets and discover huge business potential with high-value digital printing applications.

Feeding and Finishing The job is not done until it’s finished!

Impresora de inyección de tinta Xerox® Baltoro® HF

Rendimiento y economía revolucionarios a través de la innovación inspirada

  • Permite nuevas oportunidades de aplicaciones en una gama de materiales estucados offset, incluido brillo, con el módulo opcional de acelerador del color con tinta de alta fusión

  • El mejor coste total de propiedad (TCO) de su categoría impulsada por inteligencia automatizada

  • El motor de impresión de alta fusión con los cabezales de inyección de tinta de la serie W de Xerox High Fusion proporciona una resolución de 1200 x 1200 ppp de alta definición real

  • Plataforma modular y escalable para lograr la máxima protección de la inversión

Valor. Volumen. Velocidad. Prensa de inyección de tinta Xerox® Baltoro HF YouTube Vídeo

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