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Xerox® Best of the Best Awards for Creative

Here's Your Winning Palette: Go

Show us how you wow with Beyond CMYK and your design

You have the chance to win one of this year’s Xerox® Best of the Best Awards for Creative through designing with Xerox Beyond CMYK Specialty Dry Inks.

What do we mean by Beyond CMYK?

Terms such as embellishments, print enhancements, print decorations, CMYK+ and Beyond CMYK all refer to the same thing.

While traditional digital printing uses 4 color – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – Beyond CMYK refer to the use of additional colors as part of the digital color print process.

Across the Xerox range that includes (but is not limited to) white, gold, silver, clear, fluorescent CMY, gamut extensions including orange, green, blue and specialty low gloss clear toners and dry ink. They can be added as spot colors or mixed with the other colors to produce dramatic effects. Which means you can now expand your creative choices far beyond CMYK.

Get your design on the front cover of Directory

Your Beyond CMYK design could be featured on the cover of Directory Magazine, the quarterly print and online showcase of the most innovative ideas in advertising communication from around the world.

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What’s in it for you if you win? A chance to be globally recognized for leading the future of design as well as a feature on and social media. Not to mention bragging rights amongst your peers and clients.

The last five covers of Directory Magazine featured Beyond CMYK designs. Don’t miss this chance to show what you can do when the limits of CMYK don’t apply.

Entries are judged for creativity and norm-shattering print design.

You can submit multiple entries across the categories below:

  1. Beyond CMYK Best Use of White Award

  2. Beyond CMYK Best Use of Fluorescents Award

  3. Beyond CMYK Best Use of Metallics Award (single or mixed)

  4. Beyond CMYK Best Use of Clear Award

  5. Beyond CMYK Best Use of Gamut Extension Award

Awards will be presented to the winners after the judges deliberations in November 2021. The winning cover will be published in December 2021.

Online entries must be submitted by November 12, 2021.

Please allow sufficient time for your submission. Late submissions cannot be accepted.

Usually the great creative is inside Directory Magazine. Now you have the chance to get yours on the front cover. We can’t wait to see your Beyond CMYK design!

Creative Brief

This is the brief: Directory is a celebration of creativity in communications. Your design should reflect that celebration by using Beyond CMYK design techniques.

Please create and submit your designs using the Directory design template below and referencing the Xerox Beyond CMYK Design Guides.

Page trim size: 310mm x 210mm

Print area: 15mm from head, 15mm to foredge, 25mm to binding edge, 20mm from foot

Bleed: Allow 5mm bleed to all edges.



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Xerox® Best of the Best Awards for Creative

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brilliant colorful bookcover

Las posibilidades son infinitas cuando se va más allá del CMYK

Vea en estos ejemplos de impresión digital con prensas Xerox cómo nuestros clientes aprovechan todas sus posibilidades creativas con fantásticos resultados.

Recursos creativos de Beyond CMYK

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Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press: Designing for Spot Specialty Colors

Guías de diseño

Descargue nuestras guías de diseño para CMYK+ para descubrir un mundo de oportunidades en diseño.


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Guía diseño kits Adaptive para Versant

Fluorescent print samples, printed on a Xerox PrimeLink Printer

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