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Are you printing responsibly?

We all like to think we’re doing our part to help the environment. But are we doing enough? The good news is we can make changes to our printing habits that will help to reduce environmental impact and can also provide cost savings.

Print settings

Before you send your next job to print, try these tips and see how many boxes you can check:

  • Print on both sides of the page

  • Adjust font sizes for optimal layout and best use of space

  • Reduce margin sizes, headers and footers to allow for a larger print area

  • Check for page and section breaks to avoid half-empty pages

  • Set the print area to only print what you need (especially on spreadsheets)

  • Use Print Preview on screen to check the document layout is correct before you print

  • Automatically turn off banner page printing

  • Enable 2 or more pages per sheet printing (usually available from the Office Print menu)

  • Print in draft mode unless a top-quality copy is needed

  • Consider using recycled paper

Go automatic

How did you do? As well as making manual adjustments, you can also automate many settings. Look for the Earth Smart setting 1 on your Xerox printer to reduce toner use and paper waste. Some Xerox printers, for example the Xerox B and C Series, also have a "1 button" Toner Saver mode which automatically reduces the amount of toner applied to the sheet.

Sample your document

If you need to print multiple copies of a large document, use the Sample Copy option. This pauses printing after the first copy is printed so you can check it through. The printer will hold the remaining copies in the queue until you’ve reviewed and approved the sample copy. When you’re ready, you can release or delete the remaining copies.

When you’re done printing

Put your wastepaper into the right recycling bin and dispose of your used toner cartridges in a more responsible way. The Xerox Green World Alliance® offers easy and free returns of your empty cartridges 2. The program efficiently manages supplies at end-of-life and recovers materials for reuse in our supplies and products, reducing the demand for raw materials and diverting end-of-life consumables from landfills.

Cut costs, boost productivity

Making small and simple changes like these may help you reach your sustainability goals. As well as reducing your environmental impact, you will benefit from many of your printer’s advanced features. And, as a tangible bonus, these changes may also help to deliver cost savings and improve your company’s productivity.

Check before you buy

When it’s time to replace your current printer, make sure you research before you buy. For example, does the printer have Energy Star certification (a government-backed symbol for energy efficiency)? And can the driver settings be adjusted to cover the points in the checklist above?

Take a few moments to configure your printer

Why not take a couple of minutes to customise your printer's settings to help you print more responsibly. Most of the suggestions above are accessible in the Printer Settings. See your printer's User Guide for details, available from the Xerox Support site if you don’t have it on hand.

1 Available on selected Xerox printers. Check the print driver for availability.

2 Green World Alliance is available in selected countries.

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