Product Security Guidance

Document Security Solutions for Real Business

Xerox has developed a suite of document security solutions designed to secure business information and provide anti-counterfeit and fraud protection as easily as printing a page on a printer. Our document security solutions such as Xerox Glossmark, Check 21-, MicroText, Correlation, Florescent and Infrared are built to meet the document security needs of any business easily and simply.

Protect against counterfeit copies of documents like coupons, tickets, and invoices – which help you combat loss of revenue – and protect information in sensitive documents by adding security marks and features to documents as they are being printed. Special visual effects such as Glossmarks that create different levels of gloss within an image help tackle counterfeiting and fraud because the hologram-like image embedded into the document is visible to the eye yet can’t be reproduced on a copy of the original.

How are our customers putting these document security solutions to work in their business?

Since 2009, Xerox has helped thwart thieves and prevent ticket counterfeiting at The Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival in Rochester, New York, an event that features nine days of music, thousands of artists performing in hundreds of shows that attract more than 150,000 jazz lovers.

Xerox document security soliutions including MicroText marks -- legible only with a magnifying device; Correlation Marks -- only visible when superimposed by a "key" overlay and Xerox® MicroGloss -- text that’s only readable when viewed at an angle, are being used to safeguard festival passes. The passes are also being printed on ultra-durable Xerox® NeverTear stock ensuring they are safe from the elements and everyday wear and tear.

"Our audience just loves them. They’re collectables actually. And, they’re beautiful. There’s a type of a sound they make that I’ve never heard before. It’s not plastic and it’s not paper. It’s just really, it’s Xerox. It’s unique. And, everybody knows that they’ve got the real thing."

John Nugent
Artistic Director, Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival

Specialty imaging texts don’t have to be used exclusively for business information security—they can be fun, too. Take the Find Your Jazz game, for example. After players follow the clues and find all 10 badges, they bring their completed collection to the Xerox House of Grooves to enter a drawing and see if they’re one of the lucky instant winners. They can’t see it, but one of their badges holds the answer. It’s designed with Xerox® InfraredMark technology, which uses standard CMYK toner to create “hidden” text that is revealed only when exposed to infrared light.

Glossmark - Anti-Counterfeit Measures for real business


Xerox Glossmark technology is a "watermarking" technology that exhibits a special visual effect by creating different levels of gloss within an image. The Glossmark is an image or pattern embedded in an existing image without the need for special toners or paper. Similar to traditional watermarks, embedded Glossmarks can be easily observed without the assistance of special devices, yet cannot be deleted or reproduced by conventional scanning or copying.

Glossmark technology combines a visually striking gloss image with a high quality color image in a seamless fashion, and allows both images to be easily viewed with little interference.

Benefits of Glossmarks:

  • Can record variable information.
  • Can be produced by existing Xerox printing solutions.
  • Do not require assisted viewing.
  • Cannot be reproduced using conventional equipment.
  • Use conventional toners and papers.
  • Are very difficult to counterfeit.
  • Can be varied in appearance from striking to subtle.

Potential Applications for Glossmarks Document Security:

Aesthetics Authentication Document with Hidden Message



Promotional materials
Legal documents

Vouchers, certificates, tickets

Logo, trademark, brand
Job integrity

Bar code

Check 21

Building a Secure Document:
Xerox will help customers to conform to "Check 21" - a government regulation that is mandatory for all financial institutions by October 2004. Xerox is working with financial institutions and other partners to reduce the risk of fraud involved when checks are scanned and printed - "substitute checks." This document security feature is not just confined to "checks", but extends to other documents, such as "legal contracts", as well.

Other Fraud:
According to the FBI, fraud consists of two major categories:
  • Duplicating or counterfeiting, which is the reproduction of an original document with today's high tech equipment.
  • Forgery, which consists of obtaining an original document 1] and altering the original information using chemicals, erasure, or scraping.
Theft does not have to be involved. Alterations can be made to a legitimately issued check.

Document Security protection against duplication and alteration:

DuplicationXerox Fraud Solution: warning bands
AlterationXerox Fraud Solution: chemical void
Paper-based FeaturesXerox Fraud Solution: visible fibers
Ink-based FeaturesXerox Fraud Solution: heat reactive ink
Image-based FeaturesXerox Fraud Solution: padlock icon

With different safeguard levels:

Overt FeaturesXerox Fraud Solution: bleedthrough numbering
Covert FeaturesXerox Fraud Solution: fluorescent inks

Check Auditing:

Media Log accounts for each sheet of paper by tracking sheets from the time that they are fed, to their subsequent disposition.

Resource Security:

Allows password control on check-related resources such as fonts, logos and signatures, which are encrypted when not in use. Each supervisor has a unique password and can log in remotely to allow an operator to run a job. Resource Security is available for LCDS/Metacode, PCL or PostScript jobs.