GBC® eWire™

The first fully automated inline binding system using traditional twin-loop wire binding eliminates the need for manual binding.

The GBC eWire runs inline with selected Xerox® printers and the GBC® AdvancedPunch™ Pro. This unique inline wire binding solution eliminates the need for separate punching, collating and binding operations so you can initiate a fully automated workflow with the touch of a button. Whether you’re producing high-end proposals for professional bids, corporate manuals, or general booklets, wire binding provides strong, durable documents combined with an attractive and professional appearance.

Características clave

  • Combines printing, punching, collating and twin-loop wire binding into one integrated process
  • Seamlessly connects with a variety of Xerox® production and light production presses and the GBC AdvancedPunch Pro
  • Produces wire-bound applications such as calendars and books in common sizes including letter and A4
  • Provides attractive layflat output for ease of use
  • Operates at rated print engine speed for most paper sizes
  • Binds a variety of sheet sizes and weights up to 110 lb Cover (300 gsm)

Aplicaciones clave

  • Booklets, proposals, reports, directories, educational workbooks and manuals
  • Specialty books including cookbooks and children's books
Current processes for creating wire bound booklets require offline production which is costly and inefficient.

Retos clave

  • Manual workflows are labor intensive and inefficient
  • Many binding styles do not produce layflat output, which is especially useful for workbooks and manuals
  • Multiple touchpoints for separate punching, collating and binding operations are required for manual processes
  • Offline processes can result in tangled wires/waste associated with pre-cut wire and cartons

¿Por qué Xerox?

GBC and Xerox have a significant partnership. Our solutions are perfected together to provide value to the market with advances and efficiencies for flexible, cost efficient finishing solutions.
Xerox award-winning digital presses can be enhanced with feeding and finishing equipment. Functionality may vary by product model. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.

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