Efficient Use of Paper at Xerox

We believe it's our obligation to support the responsible use of paper and a sustainable paper cycle. To ensure responsible use of our precious natural resources, we provide strict environmental standards for our paper suppliers, offer environmentally sound paper, and support sustainable forest practices via our partnership with The Nature Conservancy.

Paper sourcing

  • Companies that provide paper to Xerox for resale must meet stringent requirements that cover all aspects of papermaking, from forest management to production of finished goods.
  • Xerox paper suppliers must provide detailed documentation verifying compliance with the Xerox paper sourcing and supplier policy.

Efficient use of paper

  • Xerox equipment and software are designed with features that allow customers to make efficient use of paper including reliable two-sided (duplex) printing.
  • In mid-2010, Xerox integrated the “earth smart” feature into its global print driver. “Earth smart” brings several resource-saving settings together at the single click of a button, such as duplex, n-up, proof print and toner saving modes, thus making it easier for customers to make responsible printing choices.
  • Xerox Enterprise Print Services customers have access to sophisticated print management and reporting tools, such as Xerox Print Agent, which provide additional methods of encouraging and tracking responsible print behaviour.
  • Software products such as DocuShare® and FreeFlow® Digital Workflow Collection help Xerox customers reduce paper consumption by facilitating electronic data management, scan to e-mail, print-on-demand and distribute-then-print workflows.
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  • Xerox offers a suite of convenient e-Commerce, online Account Management tools and environmental solutions to help Customers Go Green (PDF, 70 KB).


  • Ensuring that prints produced with Xerox equipment and materials can be responsibly managed at the end of their useful life is an important consideration in our product development process. When appropriate, independent testing is utilised to confirm that these prints pose no unique challenges to the recycling stream.
  • While the deinkability of xerographic prints has long been demonstrated, a key milestone for a new technology came in 2010 when the new Xerox Production Inkjet printer achieved a “Good Deinkability” rating from INGEDE, the international association of the deinking industry.

The Nature Conservancy partnership

  • Since 2006, Xerox and The Nature Conservancy have partnered to conserve and protect globally important forests. This work is supported through Xerox Foundation grants of over $2 million.
  • In 2015, our partnership expanded to include volunteers from Xerox and TNC working together in conservation efforts.
  • Our partnership builds on the commitment of Xerox to sustainability throughout our operations and corporate leadership on the world stage.